Thank you for visiting my paintings. The snapshots of the paintings are less than ideal and can only provide a general idea of the actual paintings. The purpose of this site is to provide you with an overview of my work as some of the paintings have been sold or are with galleries. If anything you see is of interest please drop me a note as some can be redone. I usually keep 15 to 20 pieces at my home in San Francisco and they can be viewed by contacting me by email bankgame@hrwinc.com (please use ART as subject to avoid spam identification) or by phone at 415-550-7600

I began painting seriously about 5 years ago when I mostly retired. Prior to that I only had time for very brief spurts every few years – so I consider myself an emerging artist after all this time. At least for me, painting requires a lot of mental energy and I rarely had that luxury until I retired. Prior to September 2012 I did not try to show my art publically. I have been very pleased with the number of galleries and shows over such a short time. It was especially gratifying to be invited by the San Leanro Art counsel to do a solo at the public library this fall.

My work is referential - by that I mean it is informed by references to such every-day things like cloud forms, forests, or geometrical objects that are often juxtaposed with other impressionistic forms. When art can show or remind us of beauty it enhances our like experience. I am a beginning colorist and very much like to experiment with techniques such as glazing and sponging that add subtle textures and depth to a canvas. I only work in oils on canvas but do nott at present do pieces larger than 48”.

I strongly believe art should be a positive experience. If a piece is going to be in a home or office it is a daily experience, perhaps for many years. I like working with people and truly enjoy commissions. Much of my work lends itself to different sizes and colors as I typically do not exhaust the possibilities of a concept or idea.. Since I do not rely on my efforts for income I have the good fortune of being able exploring whatever strikes me as interesting.

Pricing for the 9 x 12 canvas sheets is $400 each shipping in mail tubes included. The larger stretched canvas pieces 18 x 24 and larger start at $900 plus shipping and insurance, Thank you for viewing my work.

Galleries & Shows
Siete Gallery SF - Sept. 2012
Barber Lounge SF - Fall 2012 - Body and Soul
Buxiejo Gallery in Denver CO - 10/12 to 6/13
Misho Gallery SF Dec. 2012 - Trios & Quartets
Sun Gallery Hayward - Hidden Stories - 6&7/13
Sun Gallery Hayward - Anthing Goes - 8&9/13
SOLO - San Leandro Publec Library - 12/13